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Sunday, December 11, 2016

What is allowance? In today’s world of information overload and multitudinous distractions from tuning into yourself, a state of allowance is something most people find hard to attain. The opposite state, resistance, is an easy behavior for most people. If you don’t like something you resist it being present in your life by either removing yourself from the circumstances, people or places, or you simply shut it out of your mind completely. According to, allowance is a state of being where you permit something to happen or to exist. In logic, it is a premise that allows only one conclusion. In finance, it is an addition or deduction based on an extenuating or qualifying circumstance; either for profit or depreciation. The essence of allowance is to remove yourself from trying to make something happen. It is trusting God to bring to you the right thing, person or situation at the right time and in the right place. It cannot occur without trusting the divine. If you don’t trust that God will guide you, you are resisting the natural order of the universe and allowing your ego to be in command. The ego commands are based on separation and a perception of a dualistic reality. It strives to disconnect us from the natural order and impose its survival mechanism into all of our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

We are always connected to everything that exists. There is no separation from God or our environment. Try walking without a floor or without the earth beneath your feet. Try breathing without the atmosphere. We are inextricably connected to our environments and we cannot function without them. Our senses are like colors on an artist’s palette whereby we paint our picture of life. We choose what colors we need to express our emotions and to paint our picture. Pick up the brush and create the world of your choice by choosing your thoughts, beliefs and actions wisely. Your environment is an extension of your thoughts, beliefs and subsequent actions that you choose to carry out. Create the life you desire by encouraging others to be their best while you are being your best. Love your life and share it with others. Recognize the faults of yourself and others and apologize to God for these faults. Ask God, whomever you choose to worship or recognize, to forgive you for your shortcomings. Be thankful for all that you experience in life. It has come to you because you have chosen it to be there. Choose to grow and expand yourself into the best you can be for yourself and for others.

Once you have made the choice, you need to allow it to manifest. If you feel that you are not worthy of receiving the blessings you desire, you will not receive them. Trying to be the best and resisting distraction is not the way. Recognize what it takes and that your desires come from God. Love God by seeking the growth and expansion of all life. Next, hold the desired result in your mind and expect its outcome. Be sorry for the mistakes that you have made and choose not to make them again by learning from their results. Next, heal yourself of your shortcomings by seeking forgiveness and being thankful for where you are now. This step puts the brakes on resistance. Give thanks to God for everything by allowing his blessings to come into your life. Don’t be concerned about how they come, who they come from, where they come from, when they will come, what form they will come in and why they will come at all. All of these concerns create resistance and if you truly want to manifest your desires, you must allow them to come to you.

Permit the realization of your desires by allowing them to manifest. There is only one conclusion that can result from a conviction to manifest your desires; the realization of those desires. That conclusion will not manifest until you allow the desired results to come and you joyfully accept them. You can only add to, or take away from your realization of your desires by allowing them to manifest. Each and every time you try to take the reins and manipulate who, what, where, how, when and why things, people or circumstances occur, you are resisting the manifestation of your desires.

Allowance is a state where you get out of your own way and trust God to create health, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Isn’t that easier than fighting every step of the way? If you row upstream against the current it is a struggle. Life is not a struggle. It is a struggle if you choose to believe it is. If you stow the oars and let the current take you, you must trust in God to bring you to the realization of your desires. When you don’t trust and let your ego take command, you might crash on the rocks, flip the boat or even drown. You might make it somewhere with your ego, but it probably won’t be where you truly want to be. The desires in your heart were placed there by God to begin with. Why would he place them there if He didn’t want you to realize them? You just have to get out of your own way and allow them to happen.

This doesn’t mean that you aimlessly wander throughout life with no plan. You must have goals and deadlines for those goals to have a clear picture of the manifestation of your desires. Just make your plan flexible enough to allow for mid-course corrections. Every time we went to the Moon the Command Module and Lunar Lander had to make many adjustments to stay on course. You need to design a methodical plan, but leave the plan open to make any necessary adjustments. You must be aware of, and allow distractions that take you off course. If you resist distractions, they will persist until they break you down. Allow them to be and choose to stay on course by making the necessary corrections to your plan.
God has given us the power to co-create in this universe. Choose to create the life you desire by expecting the outcome of those desires to manifest. Allow them to happen by accepting the fact that you are worthy of being blessed by God. After all, you are a child of God. Does a loving parent deny the growth and expansion of their children? God loves you. He wants us to be happy and fulfilled. Why don’t you?

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