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Sunday, February 12, 2017

I have been chastised again by some holier than thou types coming down on me because I have a ‘colorful personality’. After digging deeper, I decided to relay the definition of this term psychologically and then define it according to Spirituality. Psychologically, a colorful personality is one who “seems to have a great deal in common with socially exploitative trait profiles known as "dark personalities" (Paulhus, 2014). The most well-known taxonomy of these profiles is the "Dark Triad"—psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism” [].

So, in this sense, a colorful personality is “a subclinical form of histrionic personality disorder, which refers to a pattern of attention-seeking behavior featuring exaggerated, even theatrical displays of emotion and shallow relationships” []. Interesting, but not complete in the sense of understanding Spiritual motivations! In a spiritual sense, “A Colorful Personality” can be one who’s Spirituality is NOT contingent upon others’ assessments of whom and what they are! Following are 5 essentials of Spirituality that determine whether or not one is expressing their true spiritual natures:

  1. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon your beliefs about how I should think, feel, believe, speak, act or behave.

  2. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon whether or not I do or do not do something that you believe I should or should not do.

  3. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon your acceptance or denial of me as a person expressing themselves as they are instead of a person creating a false image of who they are.

  4. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon how you value my expressions or how you interpret what I believe, say or do.

  5. My Spirituality is NOT contingent upon external events, occurrences, situations, circumstances or the behaviors of objects or beings.


What you think, feel, believe, say, act or do concerning my individual expression of my Spirituality is none of my business. It is plainly your assessment of me and NOT what I am. I am a living, breathing expression of Divine love and your assessment of that is NOT what I need to continue to express myself spiritually. If you don’t like who I speak of, what I say about them, where I criticize their behaviors, how I speak the truth about myself and others, when I say it or why I even do what I do, then that is your right and I will always support that right.

However, know this; I will be who I am because that is what I was created for to express and I don’t care what you think, feel, believe, say or do concerning how I express myself. You shouldn’t care either because you were created to express yourself just as you are. Never allow the criticism of others concerning you being whom and what you were created to be to change who you truly are because you don’t think, feel, believe, say or do what they believe you should be doing. That is their problem and NOT yours!

Being spiritual means that you are an honest relayer of FACTS and not supposition based on agenda manifestation! When you live in the truth, by the truth and for the truth, amazing things happen in your life. Be amazed and never withdrawn because someone ‘feels’ you should be expressing yourself as they ‘believe’ you should. Be yourself! After all, God does NOT create garbage but instead perfect spiritual beings designed to share Divine love everlasting! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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