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Sunday, February 5, 2017

I had a great conversation with a good friend of mine over the weekend. He has owned several businesses in the past and is very successful. In fact, he owns a business that finances and factors other businesses. In our conversation he outlined what he has learned from starting and running his businesses. I think this information is relevant based on the exchanges with evangelicals I have had lately concerning the Word of God.  First, my friend said that one has to respect his customers, employees, financers and finally himself. Without respect for your environment you cannot completely understand what is going on around you. Secondly, you must not be attached to the outcome of your efforts (or others’ efforts) or you end up getting involved in more than you can handle. Finally, you must learn to trust your actions based on your perceptions after you have carefully thought out your course of action.

Doctrines have a way of being static. They are rigid and reflect a manner of thought and principle which limits the creativity and expression of those who are different than the mainstream. Doctrines and principles are necessary elements of an organized and lawful society. But just as our criminal justice system is notoriously 30 years behind social change, we need this lag in order to gradually adjust to our ever growing perceptions of our world. All of this comes from observing our world and environment as it stands; not how it was 2000 years ago! Respect for your environment comes from observation, clear perception and an understanding of growth. Taking the correct action and making the steps to change things to allow their growth requires a correct visualization of their outcome. Not how they get there, but the end result. Problems arise when people attach themselves to a perceived outcome based on just their understanding of doctrines and principles without taking into account the perceptions and observations of others. When we take others perceptions and observations into account we truly begin to see a 360 degree picture of life. Then, and only then, can we make a decision to take a course of action that is beneficial for all and not just for us.

Judgment of others restricts our own growth and well-being. It separates us from God. God’s creation is wonderful. It exudes life and growth. What comes into your life is based upon the thoughts that you hold on to. How you feel reflects your resistance or allowance of life. If you feel good about life you are allowing the blessings of God to come forth. If you feel bad then you are resisting these blessings. Pointing the finger at those you perceive as sinners does not create positive feelings. It creates a separation between you and God. God daily supplies you with life and abundance. Why cut yourself off from that supply by judging others? There is no poverty or sickness. Only the thoughts that accept these conditions based on a lack of understanding and a separation from God by either judging others or yourself. You attach yourself to an outcome based on the thoughts that you hold true. Holding separation thoughts daily and viewing the results of these thoughts time and time again create a holding pattern for your life. You never get to where you want to be because you are holding yourself back. You accept these thoughts because of your experience and they become your beliefs. Stop it! God has given you the power to change these false beliefs and make heaven on earth; not just for yourself, but for everyone.

Seek the truth and know that God is a God of love. His creation is perfect and it is not your job to judge it based upon what someone wrote thousands of years ago. The Bible is a guide as how you should behave but the books in it were selected by men who wanted to lead others and be glorified for their actions. It is a guide and NOT the final word on life. Any time you look outside of yourself for the truth you are putting yourself in a position where you can be attached to the outcome of your actions or others actions or lack thereof. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within. It is in you right now. Seek the truth and read the red. Anytime you choose to believe that you need a middle man between you and God you are off course. Go within and seek the Kingdom of Heaven. Meditate on the God within you and listen to His still small voice. It is there that you will receive the truth. Not in the translations and manipulation of man. Attach yourself to the truth that is revealed by God and not the truth that is revealed by the middle men of God.

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