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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our country has been in a gridlock over healthcare reform. The loudest reactions to health care reform have been those who don’t want it. Why do you think that is? And, what does this have to do with spirituality? Plenty.  Your being is a psycho-physical unit that is programmed to survive, and ultimately thrive. If not, we would not be here as the human race. An agenda is a list of things to be done; done in order to either maintain or grow a current situation. When things don’t proceed in an effective manner, and either stagnation or regression appears imminent, then a methodical outlined approach of how to manifest inspiration leads to an agenda. Not everyone will agree on what is termed political agendas, but they sometimes will get even angrier when discussing spiritual agendas.

A political agenda is a set of policies or issues addressed or pursued by an individual or a group. In order to understand why those policies are on their agenda, one must understand their motivations. For example, why such fights recently about health care? Let’s examine their motivations. On the surface the proponents of no plan say that government run health would be disastrous; look at Medicare. Please, let’s look. Medicare operates with a 4% overhead while insurance companies hauled in $230 billion dollars in profit in 2008. They cry socialism yet Medicare works! Hmmm. I smell a rat. Yes, about every 10 years Medicare gets into trouble because of rising health care costs, yet it still manages to provide quality payment of health care services; it does not provide health care services. Medicare IS a government run program.

Insurance companies provide payment of health care services; they do not provide health care services. There is a difference! When a political agenda focuses primarily on the profits of companies instead of the health and welfare of individuals, there is bound to be acrimony over anything that threatens that position. What value do the insurance companies provide to us for the billions in profit they generate? Have they re-invested into our health care system? Remember, in business the bottom line rules and it is their God!

A spiritual agenda is a set of policies adopted by a religious group or an individual. For example, the Catholic Church has a defined set of rules that were adopted alongside their understanding of the Bible that their church adheres to; this becomes the guideline for their spiritual agenda. The Protestants as well have their agenda, even though they disagree with the Catholics on many issues. Other religions adopt agendas based on the needs of their constituents and desire for growth. Due to the firm beliefs of some Muslims, Christians have lived in fear of their religion by lashing out anyone who is part of the Muslim religion. There are radicals in every religion. Take Blackwater’s  “Christian” agenda for example. Then there are those who outside of the mainstream religions who simply want to live their lives in peace without sets of rules and agendas in order to become the best that they can be. But, according to some, there are going to hell unless they take it upon themselves to help save their soul. What audacity!

Most Christians today operate on two principles in relation to understanding the Bible. These are the doctrines of sola scriptura and sola fideSola scriptura maintains that the Bible is the final source of authority for Christians; in other words Literary AuthoritarianismSola Fide maintains that faith and not works is what is necessary for salvation; in other words the gospel according to Paul. When any book or sets of books that has been passed down by man mouth to mouth, and then written down, there has to be a question as to what has changed. Christians believe in the infallibility of the Bible as it stands as the Word of God. Yet, man, in putting down the written word had his own agenda. Many Christians use Sola Fide as a crutch to convince themselves and others the validity of Sola Scriptura. Instead of going within and listening to the still small voice of God, who guides and directs your every movement, they aggressively bang the Bible when, most of the times, they haven’t even read it or meditated upon it. They follow what their religious leaders have told them.

Why? Is it too much to research it themselves? Are they too lazy? Or do they just want to take the easy way out and jump on the bandwagon. When people rely solely on their emotions and don’t think, what we have seen recently in the news is not surprise. What is your spiritual agenda? Are you looking for a better life? Are you willing to take the steps and walk the walk to a better life? Are you willing to do the research? Or will you blindly accept what others have told you to believe. It’s up to you. Design your own spiritual agenda to daily seek the truth and wisdom of God; meditate and listen to His still small voice. Don’t rely on the written word alone but feel the spirit of God within you. He will reward you with health, wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is your birthright.


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