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Sunday, January 22, 2017

After my harrowing experience last Sunday, I have been taking it easy. I have been in a great deal of physical pain as a result of being bounced around in my car during the accident. I finally made the time to see the new Star Trek movie and reflected on all the years of being a Star Trek fan. I’ve always enjoyed the technology and future humanitarianism portrayed in the Star Trek franchise. After watching the movie I came to realize what I liked the most about the various shows in the startrekverse. It was the presence of leaders. People who dared to go beyond their perceived limitations. Beyond reason and beyond logic. When things seemed insurmountable, something welled up in the human spirit to go beyond the predominate perception of defeat.

What is a leader? The dictionary definition states: a person that guides in direction, course, action or opinion. A leader is a person who has mapped out different scenarios in his head and has projected an appropriate outcome for all concerned. Not just for himself; but all concerned. A leader guides others down a path that he has already perceived in his mind toward the outcome that he has projected. Perhaps we can better understand a leader by what a leader is not. One would think that a leader is not a follower. The definition of a follower is a person that follows another in regard to his or her ideas or belief. A follower is a disciple or adherent who models the behavior of the leader. It is also a person who imitates, copies, or makes a leader as a role model or ideal to follow. The precursor to becoming a leader is to be a good follower. A good follower recognizes the conclusions of the leader and accepts the conclusions that the leader draws. That’s why he follows him.

By setting a good example, a great leader inspires followers to dream bi dreams, learn as much as they can about themselves and their world, step out in action and become the best that they can be. The costs involved with this are immeasurable. Yet, many “religious organizations” place a price on this knowledge and after you have committed the time and receive a certificate, you are deemed a leader. Wrong! A leader is born out of action moving in a negative direction and in response to this the leader takes the reins and guides the followers toward a beneficial solution for all. A phrase comes to mind; “The buck stops here.” There is no getting past a true leader because a true leader has mastered the art of being a great follower. What is the art of being a great follower? The ability to listen, reason, contemplate and take action by following a great leader. It is recognizing a chain of command that begins with an understanding that the leader has mental lock on a desired outcome and his way is the best way for you to achieve your desired results.

The transition from a follower to a leader comes when those around you are in disarray, disjointed or totally confused about the correct path to take. A leader steps up to the plate and recognizes his responsibility to lead. He grabs the reins, takes command and LEADS! He forges ahead amidst all of the difficulties, perceptions of insurmountable obstacles and nay-sayers. Are you a leader? Are you a follower? Or are you so entrenched in mediocrity that you wallow in indecision and can’t even choose to be a leader or follower? It’s time to stop riding the fence. When you jump off the fence you might land in grass or a cow patty. That’s the chance you take. Nothing in life is guaranteed except the fact that if you stay on the fence, you’ll never know where you’ll land. Be a leader and take that leap!

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