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Sunday, January 29, 2017

When you truly believe you can make it, the laws of the universe react by providing the people, places and things that are necessary for you actualize your dreams. The next step is for you to feel what it feels like to have accomplished your dreams. Whatever your goals and dreams are you must go to the place in your mind where either you have experienced those things in the past or simply imagine what it feels like to have experienced what you seek. Imagination creates reality when you emotionalize your desires and expect the best results. Don’t settle for second best and slip into mediocrity. Take up the challenge of creating the best results in your life. Only YOU can do this. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or anyone cannot create your reality. Only you can experience life and reality within your own brain. Take ownership!

In a previous article I explained how your brain only realizes a copy of reality. You have a choice to either react to occurrences in your environment or pro-act, i.e. move in a positive direction as a result of your experience. Reaction comes in many negative forms of instinctual emotion such as anger, fear or sadness. You can also react with joy, faith, or happiness; all positive emotions. If you react negatively, the negativity begins to compound and your emotions begin to layer one on top of another in such a way that you might be angry, but not even know why. If you react positively, you now have a chance to pro-act and use cognitive positive emotions to propel you to a level of greater understanding. One can see the big picture more clearly from a mountain top than one can see while in a valley. Things in life don’t just happen; they are a result of many thoughts and thought forms that result from all of us. For example, the news is flooded with the talk of the Swine Flu. With every news program that relays the story more and more fear gets generated. You have a CHOICE to buy into this fear or not.

Be very careful in how you choose your thoughts, and subsequently, your emotions. Most people don’t think: they emotionally react to people, situations or things. Thinking requires work. It takes brain power. When I encountered logic in college I came to a greater understanding of how to think, and not emotionally react. My professor told me that I would be using a part of my brain that I had never used before. He was right! Logic is only part of the whole picture. It is a method of thinking things through in order to methodically come to an informed conclusion. In a previous article I discussed the Scientific Method, which is based in logic. It relies on what is called the Law of Parsimony, or Occam’s Razor. Always look for the simplest explanation to anything you experience. Don’t compound events and circumstances into something they are not. Look at them for what they are. Observe, study and conclude. Remember, the chair you are sitting in was once a thought in someone’s mind and through their sustained emotion to create it became a reality.

Once you have reached this greater level of understanding it is time for you to emotionalize your thoughts. The root of the word emotion is motion; thoughts moving out of you. Use your thoughts in a progressive and creative way to create the life you desire. Feel the joy of accomplishing your goals. See the end results. Hear the joy and laughter of victory. Smell the flowers and trees. Experience the sensory result in your mind and get excited!!! Excitement activates the Law of Attraction and brings about your desired results quicker and with more abundance. It is the fuel that gets you to your destination. Fill up your tank and take a long drive! Enjoy every step of the journey because that is what makes you even more excited.

There are many laws of the universe that most of us don’t know about, or even understand. It isn’t necessary for you to know why they work; just that they work! Use the intelligence, emotion and body that God has blessed you with to create the dreams you desire the most. YOU CAN DO IT!


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