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Sunday, January 8, 2017

You have written down your ideas and have examined the many possibilities of implementing your ideas. The next step is to place those ideas in various situations in your mind that will actualize those ideas. When you concentrate you hold and idea in a fixed position and examine just the idea. When you contemplate that idea, you plug it into various scenarios where the idea is being implemented. This exercise allows you to accept the idea as valid, observe any potential flaws in operating the idea and see the most obvious and effective situation in which the idea will flourish. Once you have examined several different scenarios you will instinctively know what scenario will effectively work in implementing your idea. It is now time for you to visualize the end result of your idea successfully working in that scenario. Visualization is a thought process that initiates your point of attraction.

In my first article for the Examiner I quoted Carl Jung when he said, “Whatever you resist, persists.” Conversely, whatever you visualize, manifests. God has given us the power to create in this universe. Jesus said in John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” Do we truly believe what Christ has told us? If we do we will heal the sick, correct injustice and move mountains. In the movie “The Secret”, Aladdin and his lamp were discussed. The genie represents the universe and its laws and the genie says, “Your wish is my command.” When you focus on what you want through visualization, the universe doesn’t know whether you are living your dreams or imagining your dreams. It simply follows the act of believing in the fact that your dreams are manifesting with your visualizations and creates what you are visualizing. This elevates your point of attraction to where you broadcast and receive the manifestations of those dreams.

How many people go about their day fretting and worrying about bills, what the government will do or whether they will lose their job. What are they doing to their point of attraction? Allowing it to create what they are focusing on and then experiencing what they have created. Your thoughts are the trigger of the Law of Attraction but the gas that propels the bullet is your emotions. If you worry, have doubt or fear things happening to you, and you feel dreadful if those things will happen, you are creating scenarios where those things will happen. Change the channel of your thoughts to create a point of attraction where you are creating positive situations and growth in your life. Be true to yourself and stop blaming others, the government or the world for your circumstances. Own up to the fact that you have created what is occurring in your life and be responsible for what you have created. Only then can you begin to make a positive change.

Visualization is the tool that allows all of us to create the world we truly desire. When we pray we ask for things, events or people to bless our lives. When we meditate we listen to God telling us what to do to make these things come about. When we visualize the revelations God has given us, He blesses us with situations, people or occurrences that help us manifest those desires. When we experience how this process works time and time again, we expect everything that's good in our lives. Our channel has been changed from woe is me to foe is me. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Our egos are our major contributor to us NOT manifesting our desires. Ego is also known as Edging God Out. Allow God in and allow His Laws of the Universe to work in everyone’s favor. It is our choice to create health and beauty or death and destruction. See the BEST occurring in your life and believe you can make it!


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