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Sunday, March 12, 2017

What are emotions? The etymology of the word emotion is from the Latin emovere, which means to move out, move away, remove, stir up or agitate. Technically it means an individual’s internal state of being and all associated involuntary, subjective, and physiological responses to an object or a situation, based in or coupled with a physical state and sensory feelings. Emotions generally are a reaction to an event that occurs as a realization of something internal or to an external occurrence that an individual is sensitive to either by choice or previous experience.

Physiologically, our brains have acquired three components or layers over time. The reptilian, old mammalian and new mammalian. The basis of the reptilian brain is the fight or flight emotional reaction. Hormonally, it communicates directly to the adrenal glands by what is called adrenaline (epinephrine). It is inextricably attached to our olfactory (sense of smell) system. Smells are tied to the most basic of human emotions including our sex drives. Why do you think perfumes make such great aphrodisiacs? The old mammalian brain is layered over top of the reptilian brain and it comprises the structures of the limbic system, our physiological emotional center. Finally, the new mammalian brain is layered over top of the old mammalian brain and is divided into left (intellectual tasks such as reading, writing and performing mathematical calculations) and right (center of abstractive thought and creativity) hemispheres.

Our thoughts are a result of either electrical stimulus from our senses (through the sympathetic nervous system) that cause chemical interactions in our brains or chemical interactions that cause electrical stimulus (through the central nervous system) to our bodies. Again, emotions are reactions to either internal or external stimuli, first based on self-preservation, protection of family and then on individual reasoning. According to the Law of Attraction the way you feel is your point of attraction. If you feel good about something, you are in harmony with you intentions.

When you feel bad about something, you are not in harmony with your intentions. Being aware of your emotions or feelings is the first step in monitoring your point of attraction. Allow yourself to truly feel and you will be connected to a divine feedback system that tells you whether your point of attraction is positive or negative.

Focusing on your feelings allow you to know whether you are on the right path to self-actualization more so than focusing just on your thoughts. If you continually focus on your how you feel about your problems, then you are making your point of attraction about your problems and thus are creating more problems, and more negative emotions. It’s a downward spiral that can be turned around by you if you begin to feel good about how to solve your problems. These are constructive thoughts and feelings that are positive reactions to situations and thus change your point of attraction.

We all have this built in divine feedback system that allows us to check our thoughts and reactions if we but pay attention to it. Most people delight in their problems and wonder why they continually are barraged with more and more problems. It is because their point of attraction is focused on problems instead of solutions. Problems are necessary situations that by developing solutions allow us to change our point of attraction to actualize the best for us in our lives. How we react to problems is how they affect us. Strive for solutions in life and revel in the positive emotions that result instead of experiencing the negative emotions that result from focusing on the worries, doubts and fears that arise from embracing the problems.

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