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Sunday, September 18th, 2016


Recently I’ve watched a bevy of TV shows on the universe, multiverse or omniverse, as it is sometimes called. It seems that the science of quantum mechanics points more and more toward a tiny universe of order based on the four forces of nature; electromagnetism, the strong force, the weak force and gravity. Astronomers view a galactic order of stars surrounding super massive black holes within the chaos of the accepted scientific Big Bang theory. From a single point, the universe was born in a massive explosion and expanded into filaments, galactic clusters, star clusters and black holes. The universe is comprised of visible matter and energy, yet for the theory to work, there isn’t enough mass visible in the universe to corroborate the accepted theory.

In order to fill in the blanks, scientists have invented dark matter and dark energy to plug up the holes in the Big Bang theory. Other scientists dismiss the Big Bang Theory, saying that dark matter (matter that has mass and is not visible) and dark energy (energy that has the opposite effects of visible (perceptible) energy; e.g. anti-gravity) are constructs and cannot be proven according to conventional means. Other theories involve an 11 dimensional multiverse with time being the eleventh dimension in which the other 10 dimensions move and operate. Instead of the accepted 4 dimensional universe of length, breadth, width and time, physical interactions take place in unseen dimensions that we cannot conventionally perceive with our senses. What does all of this mean?

Simply put, our perceived dualistic reality is understood by us through our senses, which in turn, don’t reveal the entire picture of reality. When we perceive the outside world of dark/light, loud/soft, sweet/sour, hot/cold or pungent/pleasing (or various levels in between), we are experiencing a quantitative and qualitative copy of reality in our brains. Since our sense organs feel energy and convert them to electrical impulses that feed our brains with information about our environment, they are dependent upon what energies are felt within the parameters of the individual senses. For example, the ears hear between 20-20,000 Hz (cycles per second). The eyes see between 4 to 7 billion cycles per second and only experience one octave of visible light. The other senses operate and sense frequencies between various ranges as well. Any energy that exists outside of these ranges will not be perceived by our senses, and subsequently not perceived by our brains.

The world is bombarded everyday with millions of radio waves. Do you feel them? Because you don’t feel them, does that mean that you don’t use them? You turn on your cell phone to use them because it is a device that tunes into those frequencies being broadcasted from their source. The source is a modulator that moves frequencies in tandem with the message that is being broadcast. It is perceived and converted by your cell phone into something you understand. Just as the cell phone converts imperceptible energy into an intelligible output, scientists have designed machinery and devices to perceive energies that are beyond our senses ability to feel.

Yet, with all of these wonderful devices, no one has been able to prove that God exists. We suppose that he exists and try to prove it based on our perceived dualistic reality, which is difficult to do. Why is that? Everything that exists vibrates at a frequency, or extension and retraction of energy over time. If God is truly beyond our universe of a perceived dualistic reality, then does the Divine vibrate as well? Or is the Divine the stillness that existed before the Big Bang? According to Judeo-Christian philosophy God is transcendent and immanent. This means that the Divine is beyond our ability to perceive yet deep within our beings. If God exists, where does the Divine reside? Can the Divine be beyond us, yet within us at the same time?

Is this possible in a perceived dualistic reality? According to physics, if something exists somewhere in the space/time continuum, then it cannot exist elsewhere at a different point in the space/time continuum. Yet, in some scientific experiments, protons and electrons separated by great distances react to each other when stimulated at one location. Is there an underlying ether or energy that connects all of existence? Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just changes form from higher vibration to lower vibration and then back again. As a star cools (lowered vibration) it collapses on itself and supernovas (higher vibration) expelling massive amounts of energy. Is it possible that we are inextricably tied to our environments and simply cannot perceive this connection due to our limited senses?

Our brains are switching networks that compile massive amounts of energy every single day. Over 50,000 thoughts per day arise out of electrical stimulation perceived from our environments. We either accept or reject these copies of reality by evaluating whether they support or threaten our existence. This is known as judgment. It is the ego exercising its mandate of survival. The choices we make are tied to whether or not we survive in our environment. When our survival needs are met, we are free to move onto other choices that recognize that our survival agenda is not the only agenda in existence.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with a “Hierarchy of Needs” pyramid which outlines the ability of our brains to move up the ladder toward an expansion of consciousness. He divided our needs into physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. As we stabilize each level, we gradually move toward the top of the pyramid where we attain self-actualization. This is where we demonstrate the God-like qualities in our lives; morality, creativity, acceptance of facts and not opinions.

But exactly what are God-like qualities? Where do these qualities come from? God has been described as having four main characteristics that we can accept, but not necessarily perceive with our senses. God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (present everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniparient (the creator of everything). Some theologians add omnibenevolence (good to us because of the existence of evil) as an additional characteristic, but since it is based on dualism it doesn’t fit the profile. If God maintains all of these characteristics, then why is it so hard to prove the existence of the Divine? Can’t the results of these characteristics be proof enough? My answer to this is to prove to me that God doesn’t exist. There are many arguments to prove the existence of God and many to disprove the existence of the Divine. But how can you prove this when you are conducting your experiment on a stage of limited perception? Isn’t the deck stacked against you?

Some of the theological arguments based on scientific revelation are causation (something from nothing), existence of order in the universe, intelligent design, encoded instructions (DNA) and irreducible complexity (refutation of evolutionary links). These arguments have been touted as proofs to the existence of God. The proofs are ontological (based on our ability to reason), first cause or cosmological (the universe had a beginning and God had to create it), intelligent design (we exist with universal laws that permit our existence) or moral (the existence of moral laws is proof enough). The remaining arguments are secondary based on a perceived dualistic reality and won’t be discussed here. Why? Because in order to truly know if God exists, we must remove ourselves from anything outside of ourselves that distracts our focus on the existence of the Divine.

What am I saying here? We cannot prove the existence of God in the outside world of a perceived dualistic reality. We can only prove the secondary effects of the Divine’s presence. The only proof that we have is a personal experience with God. This experience comes from seeking God within your own being. Making the time each and every day to dedicate to your relationship with God through meditation. God does not speak in the distraction of the outside world. In order to hear the Divine’s still small voice you must remove the distraction. You must still your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

And what are the benefits to you? Less stress, clarity of thought, recognition and repudiation of erroneous beliefs, less environmental reaction, more effective pro-action and a relationship with the creator of all life. Can you show me a downside? Missing your favorite show, arguing with a loved one, hanging with your boys? All of these things are a waste of time and are not priorities in bettering your life. When you still your mind you can hear the still small voice of God guiding you and directing you to take the right steps, at the right time, with the right people in order to expect the desires the Divine has placed in your heart.

Respect yourself and respect the Divine. Make time for the most important personal relationship of your life. If you don’t, you will reap the rewards of NOT having the wisdom that God exists in your life and the joy that relationship brings.

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