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Welcome to our new Sunday Morning Service by Dr. Dean A. Banks, D.D. Every week Dr. Dean will be engaging subjects that are pertinent to your growth and expansion into recognition of; respect to; and communication with your inner spirit. Please feel free to comment or suggest topics for review. May the Divine always bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.




Sunday, September 25th, 2016




We are evolving towards a realization that we are expressions of the Divine. We engage in external activities because we react to our environmental illusions as reality. Monism, or any other form of belief system, is a construct. It is a thought pattern that allows an individual to come to certain conclusions about their place in the environment. Wayne Dyer once said, “We are enviro-organisms.” We cannot exist without our environments. Why? Because it is where we exist IN THIS FORM. What Bobby Hinkle (Facebook Spiritual Teacher) and others teach, or should we say, put into words, is not dogma. It is an attempt at putting finite terms to the infinite thoughts that we experience. Sure, it might not be as descriptive or finite as one might hope, but it points the way to where YOU can personally experience the revelation of the stillness of the Divine. Melville once said that God’s voice is silence. Only in the silence can we let go of the distractions and noise of the perceived dualist reality and come to know the still small voice of God.

I experience the physical world AS the physical world by SENSING and FEELING. I know the law of gravity and its consequences. I experience the spiritual world through twice daily meditations that confirm my KNOWING and BEING of the spiritual world. The daily relaxation allows me to squelch the noise enough to embrace the peace of God. In this world I know the law of attraction and its consequences. I daily strive to correct and filter my thoughts and belief system to allow the greater good to be attracted to me. It is an ongoing process towards peace. Peace is the state where we feel comfortable and secure with our place in our environments; physical AND spiritual. Our existence occurs simultaneously in both worlds. Bobby Hinkle, or any of the other teachers on the threads in Facebook, can only point the way. It is a personal experience of the Divine that ultimately allows you an understanding of ‘how things work’. The more time you spend in meditation, the closer you become to the source of all life.

To define spirit with thoughts and words is an exercise in folly. However, I will play the fool and try to explain it. It is transcendent and imminent simultaneously and contains everything that has ever existed everywhere. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Matter is energy vibrating at a slower rate. When spirit “expresses” itself, it manifests as energy (i.e. the Big Bang). The resultant dualistic reality eventually cools down after a period of intense growth and expansion. The perceived dualistic reality is the result of spirit “expressing” itself into this universe.

We can only explain spirit by the results we observe through sensing and feeling. We can come to a state of knowing and being through an ‘understanding’ of spirit. We can conclude that spirit exists when we remove or minimize the distractions of the perceived dualistic reality. Mind is the connection or bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Our brains generate the electrochemical energy that absorbs the presence of spirit and directs the course of our lives. These energies are directed through our hearts and we ‘feel’ them in the process of manifestation. We express our Divine desires by knowing them, feeling them and expecting them to manifest. This explanation pales in comparison to the actual state of existence and how it unfolds into our perceived dualistic reality.

Every day is an opportunity to come to the realization that God is within each and every one of us and that He is expressing His Divine will ‘through’ us in direct proportion to our awareness of our allowing it to manifest within us. We decide by His gift of ‘free will’. He gives us the opportunity to co-create with Him in His creation. What a wonderful and blessed creator we have! He gives us the tools to create, the ability to sustain ourselves and the free will to choose His will or ours! Living a fulfilling life means that we allow His presence to move within our spirit to fulfill Divine order, Divine will and Divine purpose, perfectly. By turning everything over to God we come to the realization that He has created it all anyway and that His love for us brings it into existence. Give thanks every day for His love and manifest your destiny by allowing God to steer your vehicle.




Positive Thinking! - Don’t fool yourself into believing that positive thinking will make your life better. Changing your thoughts, moods and beliefs is essential to your growth but it is only the first step. You must develop a realization based on an unfettered observation of the abundance of the universe. It is not a pathway to a destination. Everything you need is here right now if you will only accept it as so. You are confined only by your limited beliefs in how things must manifest for you. Rid yourself of any erroneous beliefs and accept your divinity. Innately, you know this is true. Why do you spend your time defending your limitations when you can be living your dreams?

Living a fulfilled life? - In this moment, right here, right now, is everything you need to live a fulfilled life. The fulfillment of your dreams, the manifestation of your goals and the healing that you seek are all present in the now. You must lift the veil of distraction that obscures your true vision to see and experience the bounty of God’s abundance. Stop looking for some miracle event to happen and look to the resources that are available to you in your immediate environment. God has brought you to this time and place for a reason and has immersed you in a set of circumstances, events and people to actualize your dreams. Your job is to see the diamond in the rough, to uncover the hidden treasure and to trust in the Spirit of God. God is there behind the scenes composing and orchestrating a masterpiece symphony with your name on it. It is your song of life that demonstrates and proclaims His presence and love in your life. Stand tall and sing the song of health, wealth, prosperity and abundance and be the light on top of the mountain proclaiming the grace of God’s love and favor!

The Law of Attraction! - The understanding of the Law of Attraction is an individual programming of our minds to accept the presence of the Divine within. It's not that we attract things like a magnet attracts metal. It's that we remove the obstacles from our acceptance and allowance to the divinity within and the River of Oneness naturally flows all of our needs, wants, desires and expectations to our beings. Let go and let God bring you all that you need to be what He created you to be. You don’t need books, classes, courses, teachers, masters and gurus. All you need is to feel the presence of God within your being and allow His bounty to flow to you.

Life is a Struggle? - Struggling is not a natural state. It is a contrived mindset based on a faulty perception of one’s experiences. Reverend Dr. Kathleen Johnson once said, “In truth we are unlimited potential unfolding.” When we don’t receive what we want when we want it we might perceive life as being a struggle. In reality, the Divine order is working in the background to bring the right person, at the right time and at the right place to bring your desires to fruition. When you don’t understand and accept this, you may perceive life as a struggle. As our lives unfold in Divine perfect order the key is to allow circumstances, events and occurrences to happen and not react to them, but pro-act from them. This way you will perceive life as a flow and not a struggle. Free your vessel to flow in the current of God’s love knowing that God will guide you safely to your destination in Divine perfect order.
~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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